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Trauma Processing, Integration & Recovery

You are not alone

My Passion is working with both men and women who demonstrate a high level of self responsibility. 

I'm here to coach, motivate and support you step by step through your healing and recovery process. 

You truly deserve a great life!

Living a happy and fulfilling life is often hindered by unintegrated emotional pain, toxic shame, enmeshment, abuse trauma and negative childhood programming.

Overcoming the resulting struggles and difficulties in life, at home, in the workplace, family, relationships and within yourself is achievable.

The good news is you CAN move out of the emotional and psychological nightmare.

Improvement in These Areas

Handling Emotional Charge

Integrating Trauma

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

CPTSD Improvement

Increased self worth, confidence, motivation and genuinely feeling good about yourself are all natural outcomes of working through the turmoil & processing the emotional pain. 

Nobody knows what you're going through more than someone who has been there.

You will greatly benefit from strong support throughout your recovery process with someone who really gets you and understands what you are going through. A high level of comprehension and motivation leads to breakthrough realizations and deep, life changing understandings. 


To someone who will listen and is genuinely interested

Who will acknowledge and validate your experience

Honoring and respecting you and your process

In a safe, non-shaming, non-judgmental space

Is one of the most powerful healing processes known


Coaching and Personal Mentorship For Men

Respect - Dignity - Honor

 Although I work with both men and women, I strongly encourage men to reach out for support in their recovery process.  Men can have a hard time opening up about their problems and often feel more comfortable discussing certain issues with and confiding in another male. 

The value of being able to relate in a very personal way to most topics men want to talk about is immeasurable. 

A very safe, non-shaming and non-judgmental space is essential to really open up about troubles that only another man can understand and fully express what is going on without concerns of offending or having to hold back.

This is where deep understanding, healing, recovery and empowerment will occur.


Mike is an Australian Trauma Recovery Coach


A survivor of narcissistic and psychological abuse, childhood trauma and negative family programming, Mike is a uniquely experienced professional with real life understandings.

Having triumphed over a life that had fallen apart, overcoming CPTSD, addictions and healing the pain of abuse trauma, Mike's comprehension is considerable.

Trained extensively in holistic psychology technologies, trauma processing techniques and life refinement strategies for over 25 years, Mike's specialty is coaching people out of suffering,

despair and hopelessness.

Highly experienced in abuse recovery, life survival and problem solving technologies, Mike's passion is supporting the transition from overwhelmed and anguished to regaining control of life

and experiencing empowered, exciting and fun futures.

He already knows that you deserve a truly great life!


“The early last century saw the advent of psychoanalysis and the recognition of how unconscious patterns drive our lives, the mid-century tried to “cure” those unconscious drivers by medicating them, the sixties sought liberation through breaking away from the status quo, pop psychology and talk therapies.  Now at the crack of the new dawn, we have highly evolved practitioners with innate abilities to tune in, bring into awareness those unconscious patterns and process them in a revolutionary and radical way. Mike is one of those practitioners; he tunes in and provides effective processes to move people forward in their Journey. He is a true ambassador of change. I recommend Mike to all those who seek to expand and evolve this life time.” G. D - Australia

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